Patrick Cameron seminar with Hennessy Hair & Beauty

Susan and Jamie with the amazing Patrick Cameron

Susan and Jamie with the world-renowned and extremely talented Patrick Cameron at his annual seminar in Cork presented by Hennessy Hair & Beauty.

When hairdressers throughout the world think of beautifully styled and dressed long hair, they think of only one man – long hair maestro, Patrick Cameron. As one of the most sought-after international hairdressers and a global ambassador for the hairdressing industry, Patrick Cameron has influenced the way stylists all over the world dress long hair.

Patrick’s vivacious personality and his natural ability to communicate with anyone in the language of hair, ensures his rightful place as the ultimate global educator. His talent for making the most intricate long hair work look simple is a phenomenon in itself. Hairdressers throughout the world wait in anticipation for his annual collection of long hair trends and techniques, which showcase his exceptional craftsmanship.

Patrick fuses the classics with the contemporary, creating modern-day benchmarks in long hair work. For Patrick, education is the key to success. He spends his time working with hairdressers from all over the world showcasing and demonstrating his trademark techniques. During his demonstrations, he creates stunning long hair looks so simplistic that even novice hairdressers can feel confident enough to try them for themselves.